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Palm Beach market update

Today we will take a look at the Palm beach, Florida residential market with charts of average sale prices, transaction volume, inventory and distressed properties.  Our first chart shows the average sale prices of houses in South Florida and you will see that Palm Beach led the pack in April with an average selling price of $617,407 for single-family homes.

Palm beach sale prices

As for condos, Palm Beach prices climbed in April and reached $314,139, up 9% from the previous month.  Prices in Miami and Fort Lauderdale condos remained level to a slight increase.

Palm Beach condo

Transaction volume had some strength in the last few months after a quiet start to 2018.  During the month of April, there were 1,690 house deals, up from 1,669 in March.  Mortgage rates were still very low at that point, so that may have served as a stimulus to get deals closed.

Deal volume on houses

The condo market showed similar strength during the month of April.  In Palm Beach County there were 1,407 closed sales in the condo segment, up from 1,347 in March.  You will notice that condo property sales were on the upswing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale as well during the month of March.

Condo sales in Palm Beach

As for the distressed property market, we have seen a steady climb in foreclosure filings since the FEMA hold expired.  Before foreclosures were placed on hold in August of 2017 (before Hurricane Irma), there were 332 residential foreclosure filings in Palm Beach County.  In May, we counted 320 new foreclosure filings so far and will update the number if it changes.

Palm Beach foreclosures

Here is a city-by city look at the existing foreclosures scattered throughout Palm Beach County.   We haven’t run this search in awhile, but the numbers have increased since we last conducted a search in 2016.  On today’s search, we found 14,010 houses and 2,327 condos in some stage of foreclosure scattered across Palm Beach County for a total of 16,337.  Take a look at the raw numbers, followed by a chart.

Palm Beach  Search date:  6/7/2018
Houses Condos
Boca Raton                  1,958                503
Boynton Beach                  1,881                244
Delray Beach                  1,065                348
Jupiter                      659                  76
Lake Worth                  2,092                156
Lantana                      157                  25
North Palm Beach                        80                  60
Palm Beach                        29                  30
Palm Beach Gardens                      484                  43
West Palm Beach                  2,540                563
Wellington                      890                  20
Royal Palm Beach                      785                  53
Riviera Beach                      592                  45
Greenacres                      527                  93
Palm Springs                      261                  39
Highland Beach                        10              29
               14,010            2,327
Total          16,337


Houses and condos in foreclosure

Here is a snapshot of our last few searches:

Search dates and property count – existing foreclosures
11/17/2014 1/1/2016 6/7/2018
         27,120          13,621          16,337

We had a short blip of lower mortgage rates for a week or so, but it looks like they may be heading higher again.  Check out this chart from Freddie Mac showing the latest mortgage rates.