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Delinquent mortgages loans are still a problem the South Florida residential market

Delinquent mortgage loans continue to be a problem for the South Florida residential real estate market.  As we move through 2018, it sure looks like mortgage foreclosure filings are picking up steam.  For some reason local agents fail to mention the amount of distressed properties that continue to plague the South Florida market.  They like to talk about the strength of the residential market and limited supply, yet they ignore the thousands of properties still locked in the foreclosure process after nearly a decade of “recovery”. Today we will look at the monthly foreclosure filings in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County Florida.  The charts clearly show that this problem will not go away anytime soon.

Delinquent loans in Miami

Miami, Florida Foreclosures

The first quarter of 2018 showed a steady climb for mortgage foreclosure filings in Miami.  The chart above shows the single-family home and condo market filings.  As for the annual numbers and monthly averages, take a look at this next chart.  Keep in mind that the 2018 numbers are just for the first quarter.

2015           4,638             387
2016           6,855             57148%
2017           5,393             449-21%
2018           1,503             50111%

Delinquent loans in Fort Lauderdale  / Broward County

The number of mortgage foreclosure filings continue to climb in Broward County as well.

Foreclosures in Fort Lauderdale

Here is the summary of the annual totals and monthly averages:

Annual MonthlyChange
2015           3,356             280
2016           5,044             42050%
2017           5,228             4364%
2018               941             314-28%

Delinquent loans in Palm Beach

Believe it or not, the beautiful areas of Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Delray Beach continue to wrestle with residential mortgage foreclosures.   the numbers may not be as large as the Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but the pace of growth in delinquent loans is comparable.

Delinquent loans Boca, Delray and Palm Beach

And for the summary:

Annual MonthlyChange
2015           1,706             142
2016           3,295             27593%
2017           2,450             204-26%
2018               560             18746%

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